Chemical Peels

Effectively treat pigmentation, superficial lines, acne and textural problems with our wide selection of chemical peels. We blend safe, effective peel ingredients to chemically exfoliate the topmost layer of skin, stimulating collagen and creating a smooth, fresh, organized and healthy epidermis. Chemical peels consist of a deep cleanse, prepping agent, passes of the active peel ingredients, neutralization if needed, hydration and SPF.

Chemical peel potency depends on peeling solution ingredients, concentration and length of contact with the skin. Extent of epidermal redness or sloughing varies with skin type and peel ingredients used. Expected peeling time, sensations surrounding the peel and aftercare will be carefully discussed by your aesthetician prior to any peel. From start to finish most chemical peels take approximately 30 minutes and can be repeated every three to six weeks. High quality homecare products and regular sunscreen use will help maximize your peel results.

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