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We focus on both aesthetic treatments and preventative skincare to address every chapter of your skin's life.


Take a look around our facility and meet our professionals.

Heidi Jarecki
"With my ophthalmology perspective, I am naturally drawn to details that, in concert, create a unique facial aesthetic."

Megan Cummings
"It is so satisfying to unite advances in medicine and aesthetics and introduce them to those ready for a change. The biggest reward in educating others and providing professional skincare is empowering clients to have more healthy and youthful appearing skin."

Our Facility
Our friendly, helpful staff and soothing, intimate environment ensure your experience is a memorable one.


Embrace the natural beauty and individuality of your features with treatments that enhance the tone, texture, volume, and overall appearance of your skin.

Botox® Treatments
Artful, physician-administered Botox treatments soften these movements and relax unwanted facial lines.

Dermal Fillers
Cosmetic fillers correct small superficial lines, indented scarring, asymmetries, and deep wrinkles by replacing lost volume and shape.

Laser Hair Removal
Our laser treatments safely remove unwanted facial and body hair by disabling the hair follicle.

SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics
Safe, comfortable, natural and soft looking alternative to permanent make-up.


Reclaim the health and vitality of your skin with treatments that address scarring, sun damage, blemishes, rosacea, and loss of skin elasticity.

Take advantage of one of the best technologies for overall skin improvement!

Vascular & Blemish Treatments
Eliminate unwanted freckles, sun spots, moles, spider veins, and skin tags- it may be a simple as one treatment!

Surgical Options
We understand some of our patients are interested in or would have their concerns best treated with a more surgical approach.

Skin Tightening with SkinTyte™
SkinTyte uses infrared light energy to heat up the deeper layer of the skin known as the dermis.


A visit to Denovo Medspa will provide you with the knowledge you need to preserve your natural beauty.


Pamper yourself and uncover the natural beauty of your skin. Enjoy a discounted price when you combine services or prepay for a series of treatments.


Do you consistently battle with acne, hyperpigmentation, redness, or dry skin?

Professional Skin Analysis
Our aestheticians perform a professional skin analysis to determine the needs of your skin in each distinct area of your face.

Clinical Facials
Ready for a results oriented facial that is both rejuvenating for your skin and relaxing for your spirit?

Back Treatment
A Back Treatment is a skin therapy specifically formulated for the back, which utilizes many of the techniques used in skin treatments for the face.

Touch Therapies
Our customized touch therapies are a great add-on to any of our treatments to relax both your body and soul.

Crystal-free Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is a progressive, non-invasive resurfacing treatment that removes the dull, rough, topmost layer of your skin to reveal the more supple and vibrant skin beneath.

Chemical Peels
Effectively treat surface lines, acne, environmental damage, textural problems and pigmentation with our wide selection of chemical peels including the very popular Vitalize Peel™.

Physician-grade Skincare Products
Ready for skincare products that actually deliver on all those promises they make?

Mineral Cosmetics
Experience clinically advanced mineral makeup that nurtures and beautifies your skin at the same time!

Waxing and Tinting Services
Don't let your dazzling eyes get lost in the neutral palate of your face! By defining or darkening your eyebrows and eyelashes you can radically enhance your baby blues.