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Vascular and Blemish Treatments

Restore an even complexion with our vascular and blemish treatments.

If unsightly brown spots or unwanted blood vessels have found their way to your skin, let our highly effective blemish and vascular treatments bring back a healthy, even complexion. Utilizing the power of customized light energy, we target the brown melanin pigment in "age spots" or the red hemoglobin in blood vessel telangiectasias. These problem areas are then absorbed by the body, giving you smooth, blemish free skin.

Where can vascular and blemish treatments be used?

The face, neck, décolleté, and shoulders are the most popular treatment locations, though vascular and blemish treatments can be used anywhere on the skin surface.

What does a vascular or blemish treatment consist of?

Prior to a treatment it is important to avoid tanning or application of self tanner to the treatment area. Tanned skin will make the treatment unsafe. The area to be treated will be cleaned and a clear gel applied. You will be given protective eyewear and a topical anesthetic can be applied if desired. A sapphire cooling plate is held adjacent to the skin to protect the skin surface while selected broad band light energy is absorbed by the blemish or vascular area. Brief warmth or a snapping sensation may be noted during the pulse of energy, though it subsides within a moment. After the treatment the area is cleansed and a cooling gel may be applied. Sunscreen use is strongly recommended after the treatment.

When will I notice the effects of a vascular or blemish treatment?

Immediately after the treatment you may notice a darkening of the blemish or the area around the vascular spot. The pigment will become more superficial, looking like a dusting of dark cookie crumbles on the skin before sloughing off. The sloughing process usually takes one to two weeks and makeup can easily cover the pigment change. exfoliation treatments, such as microdermabrasion, can be used to shorten the sloughing process.

What is the downtime of a vascular or blemish treatment?

Downtime is usually minimal as the sloughing pigment can be covered with makeup. Similarly, any redness or swelling after a vascular treatment can be easily concealed with makeup.

What happens as the effects of a vascular or blemish treatment wear off?

Some pesky pigmented or vascular lesions will require several treatments to resolve. Protecting your skin from harmful UV exposure helps maximize your result and minimize recurrence.

Are there other alternatives to vascular or blemish treatments?

Vascular lesions can also be treated with sclerotherapy (injections of saline or other materials into abnormal vessels). Pigmented blemishes can be lightened with topical creams, and improved by treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peeling. Coupling topical creams, microdermabrasion and/or chemical peeling with a blemish treatment maximizes results. Photorejuvenation via a photofacial is an excellent way to treat diffuse vascular and pigment changes of the face, hands, neck and chest.