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SkinTyte Treatments

Experience skin tightening without surgery! SkinTyte™ uses infrared light energy to heat up the deeper layer of the skin known as the dermis. The heating triggers dermal collagen contraction and remodeling, creating firming and tightening. A clinically advanced designed handpiece keeps the topmost layer of the skin cool and protected so the infrared energy is more evenly distributed and your treatment is comfortable. Skin appears more firm and luminous and fine lines are diminished after a series of SkinTyte treatments.

Skin appears more firm and luminous and fine lines are diminished after a series of SkinTyte treatments.

Where can SkinTyte be used?

Popular areas for SkinTyte include the lower face and neck, though it can be used for skin tightening in other parts of the body as well.

What does a SkinTyte treatment consist of?

Your treatment begins with cleansing of the area to be treated. A clear gel will then be applied and protective eye wear provided to shield the eyes from the bright light emitted from the SkinTyte handpiece. The SkinTyte handpiece is then held adjacent to the skin and the energy pulses are applied. A sapphire cooling plate keeps the epidermis of the skin protected so the energy can penetrate deeper into the dermis without affecting your visible surface skin. Several passes with the SkinTyte handpiece are made to optimize results. After the treatment, the area is cleansed and, if desired, a post procedural cooling gel applied. Rarely, minimal redness and swelling may occur after a treatment, though they rapidly resolve.

When will I notice the effects of a SkinTyte treatment?

Because SkinTyte relies on your skin’s own ability to renew and remodel, treatment effects increase over time and vary from person to person. Usually maximal results are noted one to several months after a series of treatments.

What is the downtime after a SkinTyte treatment?

Downtime after a SkinTyte treatment is minimal. Temporary effects after a treatment include slight redness or swelling and occasionally a warm feeling like a mild sunburn. A post treatment cooling gel can relieve the warm sensation and redness.

What happens as the effects of a SkinTyte treatment wear off?

Often a series of three or more treatments at four week intervals are recommended. The firming effects of a series of SkinTyte treatments can last from one to several years. Periodic maintenance treatments will sustain the longevity of the firming and tightening.

Are there other alternatives to SkinTyte?

Surgery and other methods of bulk dermal heating such as radiofrequency treatments are alternatives to SkinTyte, though they are generally more uncomfortable and less uniform in their result. Cosmetic dermal fillers are a popular solution to restore a firm appearance to loose, sagging skin that has volume loss. Selective use of Botox can also address some problem areas initially seen as skin laxity. Redundant, loose skin resulting from the effects of time or weight change is best addressed by surgical lifting procedures.