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Touch Therapy

Looking for a more soothing and intimate spa experience? Our customized touch therapies are a great add-on to any of our treatments to relax both your body and soul. Each of the touch therapies delivers skin health benefits and feels incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Our aestheticians can help you choose which of the touch therapies listed below are suitable for any specific skin condition you may have.

Through the power of touch, heat and innovative products we deliver the visible healthy skin results you deserve while taking your treatment to the next level!

Pressure Point Touch Therapy

Research has shown that acupressure stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, also known as the body’s natural painkillers. Acupressure’s many benefits include an anti-inflammatory effect, improved circulation, increased luster of the skin and improved overall tone and firmness of the face. Pressure point therapy is a spectacular add on for allergy-prone or post-operative clients, as well as any person with sensitized skin.

Foot Reflexology

Considered by many to be a holistic treatment, reflexology stimulates more than 7,200 nerves through contact with the feet. As an extremely concentrated area of nerve endings in the body, the foot can create responses in the neural pathways thought to trigger responses in corresponding organs. This tranquil touch therapy is a great way to rest sore, over-worked feet, relieve stress and tension, and maintain overall body wellness, and is so much more than “just a foot massage”.

Stress Relief Back Therapy

An estimated 75-90% of illnesses are exacerbated by stress. Stress alone can create a plethora of additional undesirable effects on the body, including many concerning skin conditions. By utilizing stress-relief back therapy during your treatment you can experience a peaceful and calming massage that warms muscles, detoxifies the body, and de-stresses the skin at the same time. Attention is given to the back area where stress reducing methods and products are applied to provide a deeper level of relaxation while you experience aromatherapy and unwind from your day.

Energizing Face Massage

Looking to rid your face of that sallow tired look? Adding an energizing face massage during your treatment encourages an increase in blood flow and sebum production in the skin, giving dull, lackluster skin an invigorating glow! By relaxing and allowing our aestheticians to move and warm your facial muscles your skin will reward you by appearing more radiant and healthy. This touch therapy is great for individuals with dry or mature skin, and is a brilliant wintertime touch therapy that will bring out your most dazzling, luminous skin.