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Physican-grade Skincare Products

Ready for skincare products that actually deliver on all those promises they make? Physician-grade products offer superior results due to high concentrations of active ingredients and advanced, clinically tested formulations. Our staff and aestheticians will work with you to develop a skincare regimen customized to your needs. We are confident you will see and feel the difference!

We offer the following physician-grade skincare product lines at Denovo Medspa :

With all the hype and unproven claims of so many skincare products and procedures, you need an experienced professional to identify what works and what doesn't. We can assist you in choosing the products right
for your skin.


Dermalogica's story begins in 1986, when the founders of The International Dermal Institute (the postgraduate training facility for skin care professionals) decided to do something about the serious lack of results-driven products on the market. Researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica shocked the market by refusing to use artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SD alcohol, lanolin or mineral oil – all of which were industry favorites due to their low cost, despite links to numerous skin problems that were well understood. They also went a step further, insisting that all Dermalogica skin care professionals had to meet the highest level of training and expertise, ensuring that consumers could get reliable consultations about their skin concerns without falling prey to the hype and faddism that dominate the skin care industry. Dermalogica's commitment to professional skin care continues today with its no-nonsense packaging, emphasis on skin care education, and dedication to formulating products that deliver results, not ridiculous claims.

View the Dermalogica product line on their website.

Innovative Skincare (IS Clinical)

A well respected, revolutionary company known for successfully uniting beauty and science through clinically proven formulations of the highest quality antioxidants and premium bio-nutrients, Innovative Skincare has designed products that deliver dramatic physiological improvements in skin quality and health. From dryness, acne, skin aging, rosacea, and pigmentary disorders to fragile skin compromised by cancer treatments like radiation or chemotherapy (via their impressive ethical Cancer Care program), IS Clinical skincare truly creates a positive change in your skin. IS Clinical products are supported by independent clinical studies granted by the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health.

View the IS Clinical product line on their website.


For more than two decades Revision Skincare has provided physicians with advanced skincare resources by integrating research and development with state of the art manufacturing to offer innovative products. Especially noteworthy are their formulations for the eye and neck area, including the highly effective dark circle solution, Teamine® and the neck-tightening agent Nectifirm®.

View the Revision product line on their website.