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Mineral Cosmetics

Experience clinically advanced mineral makeup that nurtures and beautifies your skin at the same time! Glōminerals mineral makeup unites skin care benefits with impeccable coverage and a fun, fresh color palette.

Have an important event coming up? Treat yourself to a professional makeup application for an extra special look for your big event.

How are Glōminerals Mineral Cosmetics different from other cosmetics?

Formulations: Glōminerals’ exclusive formulations couple the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients like vitamins A, E, C and K with antioxidants such as green tea extracts to help prevent free radical damage and leave skin smooth and conditioned.

Talc-free and triple milled: Ever the front runner in mineral makeup, Glōminerals products do not use talc as a carrier base. Talc is a bulking agent commonly used in other mineral makeups that can cause cake like buildup, suffocating the skin and leading to congestion, acne breakouts, rosacea exacerbations and accentuation of wrinkles. Triple milling ensures an exceptionally refined particle size, giving Glōminerals superior coverage over other mineral and non-mineral makeups.

UV Protection: Glōminerals makeup also offers broad spectrum ultraviolet (UV) protection to prevent the skin damage and aging associated with UV exposure. This extra UV protection has made Glōminerals popular with physicians concerned with skin health. Touching up your Glōminerals makeup during the day allows you further protection against harmful UV rays.

Wide range of coverage and color: Finally, Glōminerals offers broad range of tones for foundations and bases as well as a numerous formulas, allowing you to customize your amount of coverage while precisely matching your skin tone. The vast array of fresh, fashion forward colors and innovative products keeps your look current and in style.

We offer a wide range of Glōminerals professional brushes to give you all the tools for an exceptional application. These top of the line quality brushes also allow your makeup to last longer while keeping you free from the complexion damaging oils present on fingers.

Makeup Lessons and Application

Have an important event or occasion coming up? Treat yourself to a professional makeup application for an extra special look for your big event. Wedding makeup applications are available with a practice application, just to make sure you are picture perfect for the big day. We also offer makeup lessons to enhance your home application process.


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