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*Sunburn alert: This product contains an alpha -hydroxy acid (AHA) or other acids that may increase that may increase skin's sensitivity to sunburn. Use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week following cessation of use. As with any skin care program, use of a sunscreen is strongly recommended.

Medical-Grade Chemical Peels

Effectively treat surface lines, acne, environmental damage, textural problems and pigmentation with our wide selection of chemical peels including the very popular Vitalize Peel™. In chemical peels, unique blends of safe, though effective peel ingredients cause chemical exfoliation of your epidermis (outer layer of the skin). Skin regeneration following chemical peels results in a fresh, organized, healthy epidermis. You will notice a smoother and more even complexion and an improvement in pigment changes. This renewal process has been clinically proven to help reduce pigmentation problems and stimulate collagen production.

Chemical peels can take years
off aging skin by increasing cellular turnover and revealing a fresh palette of clarity and softness.

Chemical peels have long been a part of facial rejuvenation. We offer fresh twists on chemical peels with scientific formulations designed to gently stimulate, firm, and tighten skin. By carefully blending naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, resorcinol, retinol, tyrosinase inhibitors, antioxidants and polyphenols our chemical peels' formulations remove dull, damaged surface skin to reveal the smooth, radiant skin hidden beneath.

Where can chemical peels be used?

Popular areas for chemical peel treatments include the face, hands, and neck.

What does a chemical peel treatment consist of?

Your chemical peel treatment begins with a professional skin analysis and deep cleanse. A prepping solution is then applied to the skin followed by the chemical peeling solution, which removes the dull and damaged outer layer of the skin. Depending on the peel, you may experience some mild tingling or warmth while the peeling solution is in contact with the skin. The peeling solution is then removed and hydration and SPF protection applied as needed. The depth (or potency) of a chemical peel depends on the peeling solution ingredients, concentration, and length of contact time with the skin. Our aestheticians have been extensively trained in chemical peels and will customize the chemical peel for your skin condition. From start to finish most chemical peels take approximately 30 minutes.

When will I notice the effects of a chemical peel treatment?

From as little as one peel you will notice a renewed appearance with substantial improvement in epidermal texture, lessening of UV damage like age spots, freckles and superficial pigmentation, and reduction of enlarged pores. Effects vary with the type of chemical peel performed. In general, more dramatic results are achieved with increased depth of the peel. Layering chemical peels can also optimize benefits while limiting downtime. While benefits are noticeable after just one peel, a series of peels maximizes skin rejuvenation.

What is the downtime after a chemical peel treatment?

Most patients leave Denovo looking healthy and fresh. Any redness or discoloration can be covered with makeup and most activities can be resumed right away. You may want to avoid scheduling your peel before a major event as you may experience redness the day of the treatment and peeling in the days following the chemical peel. Depending on your skin and the type of chemical peel performed, you may experience more intense peeling or no peeling at all. Prior to your chemical peel our aetheticians will discuss the expected level of peeling for the planned peel. If peeling occurs, it usually begins two to four days after your treatment and lasts for about three days. In addition, you may experience mild itching and irritation. Your skin is very sensitive after a peel, so it is important to diligently apply sunscreen for at least a week after your peel. Protection from harmful UV exposure is recommended to prolong the beneficial effects of a chemical peel.

What happens as the effects of a chemical peel treatment wear off?

Our chemical peel formulations are gentle enough to use every three weeks for maximum benefits and glowing, healthy skin. Take good care of your new skin. Proper maintenance of your healthy new skin with effective homecare products will enhance the rejuvenation process.

Are there other alternatives to chemical peels?

Microdermabrasion and photorejuvenation can complement, or occasionally serve as alternatives to, chemical peels.