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Botox® Treatments

Our facial expressions, like a smile or a frown, are caused by the movement of muscles beneath our skin. With time, these continued movements result in the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers in our skin— leading to wrinkles. Artful, physician-administered Botox treatments soften these movements and relax unwanted facial lines. The result is a smooth, natural appearance. After just one treatment, you will understand why Botox is the most popular cosmetic enhancement procedure.
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Dermal Fillers

As we age, we all lose a little of that youthful fullness in our faces. Cosmetic fillers correct small superficial lines, indented scarring, asymmetries, and deep wrinkles by replacing lost volume and shape. Fillers are also used to accentuate lips, cheeks, and other features we already love about our faces. Consult our physician for a dermal filler appropriate for your skin and concerns.
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Laser Hair Removal*

Feel free to bare it all! Our laser treatments safely remove unwanted facial and body hair
by disabling the hair follicle. Future growth is reduced without affecting the surrounding skin. Whether you just love to feel smooth or are tired of shaving, laser hair reduction is a wonderful
and practical treatment.
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* It is important to discuss your tanning habits with your clinician before proceeding with Laser Hair Removal.

Softap® Permanent Cosmetics

Subtly enhance your natural beauty with the soft and distinct look of permanent cosmetics. No more smudgy eyeliner or sparse brows. Don't worry about hot days and melting make up. Save time each morning, every morning. Be beautiful at any hour.
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Embrace the natural
beauty and individuality
of your features with treatments that enhance
the tone, texture, volume, and overall appearance
of your skin.